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Remote Gifting Solutions


Custom Note Card Option

Want to add a personal touch to your shipment?

Simply click on ‘Add Custom Note Card’ at checkout and enter your customized message.

*Please note that some items are not eligible for gift notecard and the option to add notecard will not appear on item page.


Multiple Destination Orders

  1. Download and complete this spreadsheet, by providing information in the highlighted columns. Email to
  2. Email the spreadsheet to Include in the email:
    • Product(s) you want to order
    • Payment method (GL String and NUID/Credit Card)
      • *if CC payment you will receive an invoice which you can pay with your CC.
    • Billing address
    • If there is any additional information, please send it in the body of the email (do not add any additional columns to the spreadsheet).
    • Would you like to include a 4x6 notecard for an additional $2 per shipment? If yes: please include notecard copy (text only)
  3. Please allow 48 hours to process this spreadsheet. It will then be sent to customer service for orders to be processed.
  4. Free shipping promotions do not apply to multi-destination orders.

A final invoice for all orders can be provided once ALL orders have shipped.


e-Certificate Purchases

e-Certificates can be ordered in a variety of denominations. Recipients will receive an email with their e-Certificate Card number which can be redeemed at the point of checkout on the KP Brand Store.

  • For quantities of 10 or less, click here to purchase directly through the eStore.
  • If you would like to purchase a large volume of e-Certificate Cards (more than 10 to one email address) OR if you're purchasing e-Certificate Cards that will be delivered to multiple email addresses, please contact customer service by email, Include in the email:
    • Download and complete this spreadsheet to include in the email
    • # of gift cards
    • $ amount of gift cards
    • How you would like to distribute the e-Certificate Cards
      • KP to distribute (SPP to provide e-Certificate Card #s)
      • SPP to distribute via email (KP to provide emails)
    • Payment method (GLString and NUID/Credit Card)
      • *if CC payment you will receive an invoice which you can pay with your CC.
    • Billing address

Kitting Options

Would you like to create your own gift set(s)? Staples Promo can provide you with a wide range of gift and packaging options. Please contact your Regional Representative. Include in your email:

  • Theme or items you are interested in
  • Budget
  • # of recipients
  • Requested delivery date

Need some inspiration? Check out our Kitting and Fulfillment Guide.


Custom Ordering Site

Want to provide your recipients a choice of gifts or need help collecting information from your team?

We can help with that too! – Let us create a custom ordering site for your team. We will work with you to create a selection of items that fit your theme or budget.

Please email Dave Gonia,, if interested.